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Recruitment Consultants in Chennai

Who We Are

Recruitment Consultants in Chennai

Spark is a Recruitment Consultants in Chennai company with umpteen years of relevant experience in staffing and recruitment. Spark in its true sense is a corporate matchmaker, placing highly skilled candidates with the organizations that need them!

We are also the leading job consultancy in Chennai.

Spark provides specialized search services in Information Technology space which is our primary focus. We also offer consulting services in Banking & Finance, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, Sales & Marketing domains. We are voted my many clients as a reputed Placement Consultants in Chennai.

For the past several years, Spark has established an impeccable reputation for filling open niche requisitions with exceptional talent. These skills will allow us to strengthen the staffing process at your company and help you compete in today’s challenging recruitment market.

Spark is powered by seasoned professionals who have acquired extensive knowledge about technology staffing with many years of experience from software product development area.

We pride ourselves on being a small firm with a huge commitment to excellence. At Hiring Ideas, we are passionate about the people we work with – let us partner with you to find the right people to grow your business.

What We Do

Leadership Hiring & Executive Search

Best Recruitment Consultants in Chennai

Recruitment Consultants in Chennai

Leadership hiring is a critical hire in any organization and the most powerful stakeholder to control the overall business. Where will you find the leaders you need?

Our Executive Search practice is different in ways that will make a big difference to you.

Spark is a specialist in executive search assignments. We have a highly experienced and well-networked team of consultants; our search professionals use innovative sourcing strategies, extensive network and in-depth industry knowledge to accomplish a customer centric search. We are one of the best job consultancy in Chennai.

Our executive search process starts with an in-depth understanding of clients’ strategic& organizational goals. Spark believes that a deep understanding of client’s business objectives, strategy and its domain allows us to take a broader and more creative approach in identifying potential and relevant candidates.

We manage a limited number of engagements and offer best in class expertise, coupled with deep local market knowledge and intuition that has been built over the years of search experience in India. Engagements are personalized and bespoke, and always managed by an experienced consultant with industry knowledge and extensive networks

Our client relationships range from large conglomerates to medium sized corporations who have operations in the Indian sub-continent, and is equally split between Global and Indian companies. In addition, we also work actively with Emerging, Innovative and Cutting-edge technology companies like Product Start-ups, VC Funded and Private Equity set ups.

Mid Senior Staffing

Our expertise in understanding the Mid-Senior search requirements helps us in assessing and recruiting potential talent with outstanding track records.

Our strong expertise roots from various assignments from product based MNC’s and technology start-ups wherein we have also worked on the strategic RPO model to fill the required positions in a time bound manner.

Turnkey Assignments

Using our process driven approach, our team is capable of supporting requirements of clients with needs to setup an entirely new venture/business unit or of start-ups with needs to hire across the board. These are long term high commitment exclusive contracts with several value added services.
We have worked on several Turnkey Recruitment projects and successfully done bulk recruitment across all vertical in limited time frame. Our consultant follow a unique approach in understanding precise staffing requirements, “Search Methodology” and “Negotiation Skills”, thereby increasing the probability of success of higher conversion of the candidates.

Spark recognizes the necessity of expertise and process management in a rapidly changing market scenario. The recruitment process outsourcing solutions incorporates speed, flexibility and accountability to the recruitment process.

Our approach is to provide a specialized solution that is aligned to client’s talent acquisition needs,
thus cutting down on the recruitment cycles & focus on their core products.

We maintain real time information on customer needs and candidates expectations, by which we are able to manage various stages of recruitment effectively.

We also help them in creating JD’s, competency mapping, Interviewing patterns, Reference checks and salary benchmarking.

To be a single door for all the new & upcoming product start-up companies in India to provide specialized staffing services.

Currently handling various Big Data requirements – Cloud based BigData Platform/Analytics, Hadoop Eco-system/Mapreduce frameworks, NoSQL, Cassandra, Hbase, Hive, PIG, Machine Learning/ Mahout.
We have strong exposure in the recruitment of candidates with expertise in Algorithms/data structures, data & text mining, Machine Learning, Unstructured data management, Search Engines & Focused crawling/extraction techniques, Architecting Customized Index, Large-scale web architectures, Mobile/Video Advertising, SAAS & web services, Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud & Distributed Computing/Systems, Internet & Search technologies, Platform as a service(PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Data-warehousing/BI, Data Analytics, Distributed Databases, Virtualization, Cryptography and Security, Mobile Multimedia Streaming, Streaming/real time analytics, Mobile Rich Media Applications, Web Applications/RIA.

  • Spark’s unique approach in understanding precise staffing requirements makes it a cutting edge tool in hiring critical searches
  • Extensive working experience with the Emerging, Innovative and Cutting-edge technology companies in India like Product Start-ups, VC Funded and Private equity set ups.
  • Thorough research and accurate mapping of interests of both, our clients, as well as, our candidates, is what sets us apart.
  • Our multidisciplinary approach to improving an organization’s operations sets us apart
  • Our web-enabled recruitment technology and impeccable search methodologies acts as a differentiator in acquiring niche candidates.
  • Rich Experience in handling specific domain requisitions Customized Hiring Solutions, Smooth Client Boarding & CRM