Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai

Spark offers Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai  which is a practical training given by experienced jewellery design experts.

Jewellery Industry has always captivated the world with its rich and varied collection of gold jewellery, dazzling diamonds, pearls and gemstones. Hence Spark Academy offers, Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai.But the entry of new and international brands in the market has led to increased demand for unique designs and specialised businesses. It has also given a new lease of life to jewellery designing as a prospective career for young designers.

The comprehensive programme, offered professionals, jewellers, aspiring jewellery designers and gem enthusiasts an opportunity to explore their creativity with a view to building a career in design and production of contemporary jewellery. Some of the best Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai and Jewellery Design Course in Chennai are offered by Spark

Objective of Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai

What You Will Learn from Jewellery Design Course

Designing of Ear Rings and Pendants

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We offer the Jewellery course on weekdays from Monday to Friday. We have timings from 10 am to 1 PM, 2 PM to 5 PM


We also offer this course on weekends i.e Saturday & Sunday between 10 AM to 1 PM.

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About Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai

Jewellery designers are very much artists and craftspeople. Spark is one of the best places to do Jewellery Design Course in Chennai. Our jewellery making classes in chennai are tutored by experts. The individual who designs the jewellery is usually the person who makes it, though this is not always the case. Much contemporary jewellery is mass- produced. This means that a jewellery designer can also work in the same way as other designers for industry, planning and manufacturing.

Apart from our, Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai and Jewellery Design Course in Chennai program we also have our Interior Design Course in Chennai program.

There are three general types of jewellery. These are:

  • Costume jewellery – worn very much as a fashion accessory
  • Studio or Art jewellery – one off pieces created by the jeweller for a commission
  • Classic jewellery – made with precious materials such as gold and pearl.

A typical question may involve any of these and will ask you to consider the specific jewellery design issues facing the designer of the piece. The setter will choose the design issues because they are important in the selected example. Sometimes, you will be given a choice between several important design issues. There are lot of ways by which an individual can contribute to his knowledge by doing a good Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai.

As with other forms of design, there are key practical issues that you should consider when looking at a piece of jewellery design. Start by thinking that the piece should satisfy some essential criteria and turn these criteria into big questions to ask of the design or designer. In Chennai, Spark is the best institute for Jewellery Making Classes in Chennai.

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