Best Interior Design Courses in Chennai

About Interior Design Course in Chennai

Spark Training Academy offers Interior Design Courses in Chennai.

Spark as a training organization has offered various training programs that are aimed at job creation for its students. In line with that, Spark Academy’s best Interior Design Courses in Chennai is aimed at fulfilling the aspiration of all Interior Designers. We offer a Certificate  program in Interior Designing and a Diploma program in Interior Designing. The details for which is provided below.

The interior design course in Chennai from Spark Academy is tutored by experienced architects.

Some of our tutors have graduated from Cornell University who also have a graduate course in interior design.

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Interior Design Courses in Chennai

Interior Design Courses in Chennai

Spark academy offers the best interior designing courses in chennai. Apart from the training course we also offer interior design in Chennai for architects. Our interior designing courses are sought after by many design students. With the birth of digital age and higher income groups, most households prefer to have good interior design for their homes.

We have a 3 month course in interior designing apart from the 6 months course in interior designing. Our 6 months certificate courses in chennai is well received by many interior design firms in chennai.

we are not a interior designing colleges in chennai but a autonomous institution offering interior design course in Chennai.

We dont offer best interior decoration in chennai but our interior designers who trains our short term interior design courses in chennai. With so many design softwares, our interior design courses fees in chennai is the lowest among competition. Hence, our interior decoration courses are most sought after.

Spark’s interior design courses in chennai can be done part time. Since the course curriculum is designed well known architechts, our students vouch look for the best interior design courses in Tamilnadu.

Interior Design Courses in Chennai

Our Interior Designing Courses in Chennai is tutored by NATA certified architects.

The course fees for our Interior Design Courses is also the lowest among competition. We are one of very few pioneers interior design institutes in Chennai.

The same has been vouched by our students as the best interior design institute in Chennai

We offer 3 months programs in interior design apart from 6 months diploma course.


Eligibility of Interior Design Courses in Chennai

Information for Students
In both our Certificate & Diploma Courses, the course content includes how to aesthetically design Residential, Apartment, Villas & Commercial Office spaces.
Eligibility? Any person who has passed 12th standard and have a passion for design are encouraged to do this training course.

So if you are serious about a career in interior design, or you simply want to learn from the best, we invite you to take the next step now to designing your futureSpark Academy

Interior Design Course in Chennai Snippets

  • Interior Decoration
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Furniture Placement
  • Vinyl Flooring & Laminates
  • Floor Plan
  • Colour Palette
  • Acoustics & Lighting
  • Color in Interior Design
  • Space Planning

What Will You Learn in

Residential Homes & Apartments

As part of our both Certificate & Diploma Courses in Interior Design, you will learn to design aesthetically and construct visually appealing Homes, Apartments & Villas

More Details

Please contact us to know more about the Certificate & Diploma Programs batch timings, duration & Fees structure.

Commercial Buildings & Offices

As part of our course curriculum for both Certificate & Diploma programs, you will learn to design commercial buildings and offices of international repute and elegance

More Details

Please contact us for batch timings, fees structure, duration for Certificate & Diploma Courses

Course Contents

  • Introduction & Basics

    You will learn about Design theory, Space Elements, Line, Shape, Colour, Texture, Pattern, Light, Balance, Proportion, Scale

  • Styles & Decoration

    You will learn the basics of various styles ranging from conventional to modern era and decorative components used for the same.

  • Design Styles

    You will learn how to consider practically the site, Structure, Ceiling, Walls, Age, Windows, Doors, Aesthetic Plan, Warm & Cold Space

  • Space Planning & Proportion

    You will learn basic floor plan, elevation, furniture layout, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, storage

  • Lighting

    Natural & Artificial Light, Features & Types of Artificial light, Qualities, Incandescant, Light Levels, Installation, Materials, Halogen

  • Colour

    You will learn about Colour and its impact in Design, Pigment, Value, Chroma, Space factor, Mood, Contrast, Perception

  • Finishes - Floor, Wall, Ceiling

    You will learn about Paint, Wallpaper, Plaster Mixing & Details, Mirrors, Upholstery, Special Finish, Window Frames, Cabinets, Fittings.

  • Fabrics & Textiles

    You will learn about Fabrics that needs to be used in design like decorative, pattern, material type, Dyeing, Printing, Techniques, Stitching

  • Furniture & Accessories

    You will learn about furniture types moods, texture, colour, material, pattern and usage. Quality, Comfort, Mobility and Purpose

  • Client Interaction

    How to convince clients on Design, Questionnaire, Budget, Proposal making, Design Query, Scope of Work and Cost

  • Project Planning

    Here, you will learn how to prepare a project based on the client’s requirement and arrive at a task sheet for the requirements.

  • Starting Interior Design Firm

    Here, you will learn how to start a Interior Design business, Registration, Marketing, Regulatory requirements, etc

Some of Our Trainer’s Projects

  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Office Meeting Room
  • Yellow home office space decorating ideas :: Office Design Pictures
  • Pooja Room
  • Wardrobe
  • Modern Wall Shelf
  • Apartment Living Room


Certificate Course

Rs 21,000

Per Student
  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Timings: 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Classes: Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Admission : Monthly
  • Weekend Classes : yes
  • Practicals : Yes
  • Real Project :No
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We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards. Students can also avail fees payment through EMI facility.

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