MBA Projects in Chennai

Spark Academy, a leading training academy offers MBA Projects in Chennai. We are the best MBA Project Centers in Chennai offering MBA Projects in HR, Marketing, Operations and Finance.

As we are leading management training academy especially in the HR space, our team of inhouse professionals and our client companies provide MBA project titles across Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Finance. All our MBA projects in Chennai are guided by the current requirement and industry alignment.

The MBA project topics for every year are carefully chosen by consulting industry experts, Educational professionals and student requirments.

Based on the inputs provided by the stakeholders, we prepare various MBA project titles and prepare reports accordingly.

All our MBA project reports contain detailed synopsis, pictorial representations,summary,etc

Why MBA Final Year students do project work?

Project Work:
Students of MBA Programme will have to take up project work in the Final year.
1. The purpose of the project work is primarily to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills acquired during the Programme, by studying and analysing the selected programme in the work situation in a systematic manner while suggesting solutions to the management.Hence, Spark offers the best MBA Projects in Chennai.
2. The topic for project may be taken from any one of the following sources:
i) Comprehensive case study, covering single organisation with multifunctional area problem
formulation, analysis and recommendations.
ii) Inter organisational comparison of performances in different functional areas including
management practices.
iii) Field study / Empirical study.

All our MBA Project reports in Chennai contain the following items in the report:

3.Nature of Company
4.Project Proposal & Introduction
5. Methodology & Data Points
6. Interpretation
7. Analysis
8. Recommendation & Conclusion
9.References & Bibliography

We are one of the best institute MBA Projects in Chennai .

MBA Project Areas

Sample Project Topic Areas
Students, Please find below the sample topic areas covered for the project. For more details, please contact us
  • Human Resources

    Recruitment, Employee Relations & Engagement, Performance Management, Employee Grievances & Communication, Training & Development

  • Marketing

    Marketing Research, Marketing Communication, Branding & Positioning, Social Media, Sales & Distribution,etc

  • Finance

    Financial Management & Accounting, Cash & Treasury, Taxation & Investment, Equity, Audit, Risk & Insurance, Merchant Banking, Mergers

  • Operations

    Costing, Operational Control, Budgeting & Planning, Reports, Project Planning

Project Coverage

Human Resources
OB, Recruitment, C & B, Employee Relations

MR, Branding, Services, etc

Taxation, Audit, Treasury

Per Project Report