Payroll Software in Chennai

Spark Academy is an HR company offering Payroll Software in Chennai. We offer a web-based HR software (SaaS-based) which is very easy and flexible to use. Our online Payroll software is robust and aligned with all necessary statutory requirements.

How payroll software in Chennai is a cost-effective solution for businesses?

Payroll is the process by which an employer pays the employee for the work done. Payroll system or payroll software will precisely calculate and automatically create checks for the payments to be done on the payday. If you are an owner of a small business firm with no employees, you will not have to worry about the payroll, but when you have some number of employees working for you, you need to pay them on time and accurately. A payroll system is the best option to opt for in such scenario. This system will automatically generate checks for employees depending on their allotted wages on the payday. Payroll system or software ensures timely payment of employees. We offer the best payroll software in Chennai.

Easy payment for employees

Payroll software will accurately calculate and automatically generate payment checks of employees on payday. Depending on the accounting and payroll software, the payment checks can be mailed, printed or directly deposited in the beneficiary’s account

Helps in keeping the payment organized

The use of HR payroll software in Chennai for making payments will help in keeping the process organized. It helps in maintaining the information of employees, withholdings, tax payments owed, latest tax rates, and tax forms that are to be filled. It also provides quick access to the payment history of employees.

Helps in managing employee benefits

Payroll solution or advanced payroll system also helps in managing employee benefits such as health benefits, retirement plans offered to staff, etc. The advanced payroll system will keep track of all contributions to these programs.

On-time tax payments

Payroll software will take care of all the tax-related issues such as Income Tax, Professional Tax, Statutory payments like Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), etc.

Provides customized reports

With the help of a payroll system, it is possible to generate a fully customized report with extensive benefits, operating cost and definitions in accordance with the company. These benefits include the complete history of current and past payslips and complete employee details that can be easily accessed.

Payroll Software in Chennai

Why Should You Implement Spark’s Web-Based Payroll Software in Chennai?

  • Core HR data like Employee’s primary information, Leave Details, Salary Information are stored and retrieved as and when required
  • No upfront cost and maintenance cost
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) – Employees can log into the system and view their details like Payslips, Leave,etc
  • Leave Management – Online leave application and approvals
  • Salary Processing with all necessary Statutory requirements like PF, ESI, Professional Tax and TDS

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