PF Consultant in Chennai

Spark Academy, apart from been known as a leading HR training organization, we are also an expert PF Consultant in Chennai.

We provide customized labor services for Provident Fund compliance. Most organizations feel the pinch of managing the routine compliance management especially labor compliance burdensome. And in the process of doing so, they distract themselves from their Core HR competent areas of Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Performance Development and Training.

It is here institutions like Spark Academy, an HR leader in its own space fills in. When you outsource your PF compliance and management to us, we provide you with a great relief from the mundane, monotonous and arduous task of managing monthly PF recoveries and remittances. Our team of expert labor consultants will manage this process with great care and vigil. These can be evident from the recommendation given by our students for our regular Payroll Training in Chennai.

Apart from monthly PF remittance, we also provide web-based payroll processing in Chennai through our Payroll Software in Chennai

Why is Provident Fund is so important?

Provident Fund, as the name, suggests its a preparation of future fund. It is a retirement benefit and its accordance with the Employee Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. Unlike other benefits, PF is an important monetary benefit with a huge tax saving potential for both sides. Hence, it is imperative for organizations to include this in their Compensation Structure.

Our PF Consultant in Chennai service is as follows:

  1. Registration of Establishment under the Act
  2. Submission of Declaration Forms like Form 5, Form 5A,6A,9,10,11,12A
  3. Working out the monthly PF contributions from the Pay Roll and preparation of Challan for payment of PF dues within the due date
  4. Preparation and submission of Monthly and Yearly Returns
  5. Arranging settlement of claims by following up matters with the Dept
  6. Settlement of pension claims by following up matters with the Dept
  7. Attending PF Inspection and furnishing clarification /replies to the queries raised by the Dept. during the inspection
  8. Ensuring full compliance towards PF Dept
  9. Keeping the clients informed from time to time of the changes taking place in the PF Act / PF Rules.

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