How to Withdraw Provident Fund

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How to Withdraw Provident Fund

If you have ever tried to apply for provident fund withdrawal in the past, you will know how painful a process it is. For one, you need to fill up a number of forms and secondly, wait for your own money, usually for several months.

However, of late things have changed a bit, thanks to technology. And, though we haven’t reached a place where we can simply withdraw EPF money online and get in our bank accounts immediately, the application can be done online. Of course, you will still have to wait for a few weeks if not months for the funds to reach you.

Ways to Withdraw PF Amount:

Although withdrawal of PF isn’t allowed while you are still employed, there are ways to get this amount in case you need it badly. You can make this withdrawal in case you have switched your job and do not want to get your PF account transferred.

Form 19 which is available either with employers or can be downloaded from EPFI website, is to be filled and submitted for withdrawing the PF amount. Once the application is submitted to the regional EPF Office, the PF amount along with the interest earned is received by the applicant within three months from the date of application. Here are three different ways in which you can easily withdraw your PF sum.

  1. Apply for PF amount withdrawal via UAN that is Universal Account Number: If you have UAN then you can directly apply for pf withdrawal. You do not require your previous employer’s approval for getting this application processed. However, the only challenge with this option is that most employers do not share the UAN with employees and in the absence of UAN this option cannot be availed.
  2. Submit your PF withdrawal application directly to the regional PF Office: Get a PF withdrawal form, fill it and submit the same directly to the regional Provident Fund Office. This procedure requires identity attestation since the PF office would want to be sure whether the right person is applying for withdrawal. Hence, your withdrawal form needs to be attested by one of the following listed authorities –
    • Any Bank Manager
    • A Gazetted Officer
    • Magistrate/ Post/ Sub Post Master/ President of Village Panchayat/ Notary Public

Attestation by Bank Manager is best when the bank is where you maintain your account. Since this direct method of application has chances of fraud so EPF office generally asks for a letter stating the reason for direct application. Non-cooperation from employer is a valid reason but only if you have a proof for that. Also, attaching a proof of employment letter is a plus.