Business Analysis Course in Chennai

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Business Analysis Course in Chennai

Business Analysis Course in Chennai

Spark Training Academy is a leading training organization which currently offers Business Analysis Course in Chennai.

Who is a Business Analyst?

Who is a Business Analyst

What are the fundamental job areas of a Business Analyst?

Business Analyst Training in Chennai


The Role of the Business Analyst

The course starts with a discussion of the role of business analysis in the context of the system development lifecycle, and emphasizes the value that a great business/ system analyst will bring to both a project and to an organisation. So our Business Analysis Course in Chennai gives you the clear picture of the role of a BA.

Project Scope and Planning the Analysis

The question “What do I have to do at the start of a project?” is answered, giving the analyst the tools to set themselves and the project up to succeed. A number of tools and techniques are examined for identifying and understanding Project and Product Scope, along with some tools to be used when starting the analysis task.

A rule-of-thumb planning technique is presented for answering that difficult question “how long will this take?”.

Effective Requirements

Understanding the different types of requirement and providing a framework to follow for eliciting these requirements.Exploring the characteristics of a good requirement and how to ensure that we use the right technique to convey our requirements.

Understanding the Business Environment

The course examines the five “B’s” that the business analyst needs to understand in depth in order to provide a complete solution – Business Objectives, Business Actors, Business Events, Business Processes and Business Objects.

Investigation Techniques

The course then focuses more on the combination of skills, attitudes and habits that distinguish superior performance and shows how important these are when performing the business analysis function.

We explore the practical skills a business analyst needs to effectively and efficiently conduct an analysis investigation. A number of different investigative techniques are examined:

  • Planning, conducting and following up a structured investigative interview
  • Workshops and Brainstorming
  • Observation
  • Searching records
  • Questionnaires
  • Random Sampling

Participants are then given the opportunity to apply the theory of these investigative techniques using the structured interview.

Tools and Techniques for Modelling the System

This group of modules looks at the different analysis techniques that are commonly used, explaining when each is more applicable and valuable.

The techniques covered are as follows:

  • Business Process Modelling
  • Use Cases
  • User stories
  • Entity Modelling
  • Normalisation
  • Logic tools

Structured Walkthroughs and Critical Appraisal

The course then provides an introduction to documentation structures, a practical guide for requirements documentation, and an examination of templates, reviews, structured walkthroughs and the concept of critical appraisal.

The course concludes with a retrospective, exploring the key learnings and ensuring that the attendees have a clear understanding of how to perform the analysis role successfully.

Tools and Templates

A set of tools and templates are provided in order to ensure that participants can be immediately productive back in their workplace.

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